What will you do to make Wendy Davis the next Governor of Texas?

This site is here for just one reason – to find out what you can do to help elect Senator Wendy Davis to become the next Governor of our great state.  What can you do?  What are your talents?  What great ideas do you have?  How can you pitch in and help end the Republican monopoly in Texas?

Post your own ideas! (Free registration required – see Register, bottom right).  Read other ideas posted here and make them better.  Better yet take advantage of the resources on this site to act on your ideas.  Make it real, make it happen right here at WendyForGov.org.

Let’s get started!

This website provides those wanting to support Wendy Davis for Governor a platform on which to share and implement ideasThis is not a political debate forum.  While all posts are read and most will receive replies, only posts discussing constructive ideas to promote the election of Wendy Davis will be published.  All posts are monitored and any inappropriate content will be deleted.  What will you do?


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  • I would like to volunteer to begin work with various grass roots organizations such as NOW, Federally Employed Women, League of Latin American Citizens, Texas Women in Communications, and any other groups who share the same mission that Senator Davis has expressed to represent people of Texas. I am a retired federal executive who recently relocated to Texas from northern Virginia. I was a resident of Texas when we worked so very hard to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment with the original “Dirty Thirty” in Texas. I thought we had made great strides then but suspect the children of those we had to oppose in the 70s must have kept their seniors beliefs that tend to oppress rather than lift the citizens of Texas. I am willing to work on any aspect of the campaign as a volunteer. Please feel free to contact me.

    • I appreciate your comments and agree wholeheartedly. The Davis campaign and Battleground Texas are looking for volunteers all across the state – I suggest that you contact a field office. If you are a voter registrar and live in the DFW area there is a voter registration drive in downtown FW on MLK day (Jan. 20).

  • Please join Rodney Ellis in his fight for gambling! Do it!
    That will get you elected! Texas needs it……now!!!

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